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Welcome to Cradle Roll! Family and friends from all over the world can share in the excitement of your new baby.

This Cradle Roll is a free on-line nursery service funded by the St. Mary's Foundation.

To participate in the on-line Cradle Roll program, the parent(s) must notify St. Mary's staff prior to leaving the hospital. Participation is by parental consent only. If the baby photo you are searching for is not on-line, the parent(s) chose not to participate in the on-line St. Mary's Cradle Roll program.

Due to security issues, last names, addresses, and phone numbers are not available. The Cradle Roll pages are updated daily Monday through Friday with the babies on-line approximately 24-48 hours after being born. All announcements are displayed for approximately thirty days.

Thank you for visiting St. Mary's Cradle Roll!


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